In exclusive events, the cuisine is in motion.

When deciding to organize an event, the choice of location depends on several factors: the style of the surroundings, the size of the rooms, the presence of outdoor spaces, the coordination skills of the event planner, and the food and beverage offering. However, this last aspect is no longer as decisive in granting one’s preference, probably due to the widespread increase, in recent years, in the average quality of restaurants; therefore, specific locations tend to be chosen based on other characteristics.

There are countless gastronomic proposals and kitchen solutions that restaurants and reception venues offer to their guests, both to meet everyone’s needs and to seek the consensus of a specific target audience. Imagination and research are the cornerstones of contemporary cuisine, where traditional dishes are reinterpreted with originality and creative flair.

The media spotlight (with great following) on work in the kitchen has brought not only the “dish” but also the care and preparation of food into focus. And so, even away from television sets, kitchen performance is experiencing growing interest. Seeing a chef at work, being able to appreciate their movements and glean secrets, is an added value of an increasing number of locations that offer show cooking: a technique with a strong scenic impact to entertain guests and create an active and engaging atmosphere.

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