I Giardini di Flos is located just a few steps from the center of Lucera, in Puglia. A place dedicated to your events that is based on the balance of tradition and modernity, white interior spaces, and well-kept external gardens, elegance, and rural elements.

You will have at your disposal two halls, two outdoor areas, and our gardens: each corner has its personality and blends with the others with refined harmony. All that’s left for you is to choose your favorite.

And in case of overnight stay, you can be a guest in the modern rooms and suites of the adjoining Bed & Breakfast for a comfortable stay.

It takes its name from the white exposed wooden beams on its ceiling: The Beams Hall is the setting for your future fairy tale. The large fireplace adds warmth to the atmosphere, and its spaciousness, allowing it to accommodate more than a hundred guests, makes it the perfect venue for grand banquets, parties, and gala dinners.

Barrel and cross vaults, adorned with stone, decorate the Arches Hall. The air is one of intimate closeness and celebration. The ideal area for small receptions and parties.

The ancient Apulian farmhouses all had their own Courtyard. And it is to them that ours is also inspired. The external Courtyard of I Giardini di Flos runs alongside the spacious indoor hall and shares its capacity. With its rural chic furnishings and handmade details, it is the perfect area for your bright outdoor events.

Light and customization: the Patio, located outside the two Halls, will ensure both. A spacious and versatile area, ready to take shape according to your requests and desires.

Our gardens with Mediterranean essences run along all the equipped outdoor spaces and lend themselves delightfully to hosting entire events or even just the small moments of a ceremony.

The kitchen of I Giardini di Flos pays attention to every dietary need. Dishes from a modern cuisine, a devoted interpreter of an illustrious tradition, are prepared only with the finest ingredients and handled with professionalism and passion to amaze and make your receptions unique.