Below is the Data Controller: FLOS SRL provides information on the use of cookies by this Website.

  1. Characteristics and purposes of a cookie

Firstly, you should know that a cookie is a small file that websites store on users’ computers and can collect various information during browsing. Specifically, it is the web browser that stores cookies. When you return to a previously visited site, it can read this information and provide a personalized browsing experience. The purposes can be multiple: computer authentication, session monitoring, storing information about specific configurations for users accessing the server, storing preferences, advertising, etc.

  1. Types of cookies

Cookies can be divided into various categories: first-party or third-party, session or persistent, technical or profiling. Cookies are “first-party” if managed directly by the site you are visiting or “third-party” if set by a website other than the one you are visiting (perhaps because the site you are browsing contains elements that reside on servers different from those hosting the visited site). They are then divided into “temporary,” which expire at the end of a browser session (when the browser is closed), and “persistent,” which remain stored even after closing the browser (think of sites that allow you to store login credentials).

Then there are “technical” cookies, which serve to navigate or provide a service requested by the user and without which some operations could not be carried out or would be more complex and/or less secure (such as cookies that allow you to remain authenticated during online banking operations). Profiling cookies are distinguished from these, allowing tracking of the user’s online navigation and creating profiles based on their tastes, habits, choices, etc. (for example, to provide advertising messages that match their interests). Finally, among these last two categories are “analytical” cookies. These are profiling cookies if they allow the identification of the user; otherwise, they are similar to technical cookies when made and used directly by the first-party site to improve usability or when, even if provided by third parties, they adopt tools that reduce the identifying power of the cookie (such as masking part of the IP address).

  1. Cookies used by the site

The website uses technical cookies, which can be used without asking for your consent, as they are strictly necessary for the service’s provision. Additionally, third-party profiling cookies can be used by accessing the respective cookie use information. Profiling cookies may be used by the Data Controller or by the cookie owner to store user choices, provide personalized or optimized features, or store habits and preferences expressed during navigation. For example, profiling cookies can be used to provide online services, send advertisements that take into account user interests, or avoid offering services that have been refused in the past.

The detailed list of all cookies used by this website is provided below. The first group lists the so-called technical cookies, whose use does not require the user’s consent.

The second group indicates profiling cookies.

For both groups, the following information is provided for each type of cookie:

  • Cookie name; Function explained by the cookie;

  • Indication if the cookie is first-party or third-party;

  • If the cookie is third-party, indication of the link through which it is possible to reach the third-party site where the third-party information about the processing carried out on personal data collected through the cookie is reported, and the methods to block the cookie;

  • Cookie expiration.

For the use of technical and analytical cookies, your consent is not required. However, you can disable them by following the procedure described in paragraph 4 “Managing Cookie Preferences.” Consider, however, that by blocking the installation of technical cookies, or subsequently deleting them, the ability to access the Site, fully or partially use it, enable or disable certain functions, or receive certain services may be compromised in whole or in part.

“Profiling” Cookies

Google Analytics: Google Analytics uses “cookies” to collect and analyze anonymous information about the usage behavior of the Fisiomed srl site (including the user’s IP address). More information:,

Facebook: Types of statistical and/or profiling cookies. Within the use of profiling cookies, functionalities related to the Facebook Pixel may be activated.

Google Ads: Types of statistical and/or profiling cookies. Within the use of profiling cookies, Google Ads features such as the Global Tracking Code may be activated, with tracking of events and actions on the site during navigation, and activation of advertising messages based on them.,

Regarding the use of profiling cookies, useful for sending you advertisements and services in line with your tastes, preferences, and consumption choices, your consent is required.

You can give or not give your consent by clicking on the link in the above table, through which you can reach the third-party site where the third-party information about the processing carried out on personal data collected through the cookie is also reported.

At the moment, with your consent, only third-party profiling cookies can be installed on this site, as first-party profiling cookies are not foreseen.

You can change your cookie preferences at any time using the methods indicated in this Cookie Policy.

  1. Managing Cookie Preferences

Authorization for the collection and storage of data through cookies can be revoked at any time: the user can disable the use of cookies through the specific setting options of different browsers.


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Apple Safari:


Se utilizza più di un browser (ad esempio, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, ecc.) è necessario ripetere la procedura con ciascuno di essi e se utilizza più dispositivi per collegarsi ad internet (ad esempio, dal lavoro e da casa), è necessario impostare le proprie preferenze su ciascun browser di ciascun dispositivo.

If you use more than one browser (for example, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.), you must repeat the procedure with each of them, and if you use multiple devices to connect to the internet (for example, at work and at home), you must set your preferences on each browser on each device.

  1. Social network buttons, widgets, and other third-party cookies

The site may use services provided by third parties, i.e., organizations that are autonomous and distinct from the Data Controller indicated above.

Here are the links where you can view the privacy policy regarding the management of data by the providers of their respective services.


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